pioneeering Sports' new Golden treasures


Chief Chioma Ajunwa- Oparah (MON) has though her pet project THE CHIOMA AJUNWA FOUNDATION designed programmes and projects to give back to society what the society has given to make here what she is today…


A Panacea for youths and talent development and human capacity utilization. In football, Pele came from a humble home in Tres Coracores in Brazil but today he is a monument of all ages, in the round leather game…

Kick Banned Drugs Out of Sport

The temptation to excel in our endeavours, in whatever we do as humans without perhaps, the commensurate efforts, discipline and determination, focus and patience needed…

WHO we are

After years of peep into the society as an athlete and footballer right from my active days and now, I have consistently thought of the ways and means of empowering our youths to greater heights using their God given potentials

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