Youth Mentoring

Chief Chioma Ajunwa- Oparah (MON) has though her pet project THE CHIOMA AJUNWA FOUNDATION designed programmes and projects to give back to society what the society has given to make here what she is today. She generally believes. If I can make it in Sports and in life generally, any other youth, given the proper guidiance, inspiration and empowerment both in cash and mentoring will also make it in life. This is what this crusade in its own right is all about.


In the foundation, we believe that the reason to excel in life should not be coloured by the circumstances one passes through in life. In fact, it should be a springboard to excel. We believe that every child has the right to live out their dreams if empowered and set on the right direction. We believe that the greatest men, icons, legends and superstar celebrities are not the exclusive preserve of children born with a silver spoon but for everyone.

Sports seminars, expos, workshops, exhibitions, annual get-togethers have been lined up to empower and mentor our youths on how to acheive their vision and mission in life. This is our passion and we want to see youths with vibrant futures, be it in sports or any field of endeavour which they set for themselves.

through empowerment and professional guidance we augment the contribution of others like Parents and teachers. There will be competitions where participants can win laurels and recognition, breeding kid-superstars that will pave the way for them to compete at higher professional level…clean and fair.

People may actually be born great and others may even have greatness entrusted upon them but they also need our tender empowerment, inspiration and enthusiasm to reach their eldorado. The potentials that abound is hard to ignore for any reason whatsoever, and this is one challenge that makes the foundation to seek for the support of all and sundry.

The Chioma Ajunwa Foundation (CAJFON) is with the vision and mission of …bequeathing a goldmine for all generations.

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