Kick Banned Drugs Out of Sport

The temptation to excel in our endeavours, in whatever we do as humans without perhaps, the commensurate efforts, discipline and determination, focus and patience needed, lures some people to resorting to other unorthodox devices to excel.

Kick Banned Drugs Out of Sport

This is the temptation that attracts youths in sports to indulging in Banned drugs. banned drugs destroy an athelete’s career. Banned drugs rather than bringing fame and fortune, banned drugs bring shame,reproacha nd disrepute to an athlete, his country, personality and the entire sporting community. Hence the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) fumes seriously when an athlete is caught cheating in sports via engaging in banned drugs in sports. The laurels won through this crooked means are eventually withdrawn leaving the cheat empty handed at the end of the day with the attendant shame and dishonour.

It is this anomaly that inspired the Chioma Ajunwa Foundation (CAJFON) to institue the crusade against banned drugs so that our future athletes and those available now will compete clean and fair at sporting events and bring victory to our fatherland. beyond the sports industry, we help them not to subject their health to unneccesary hazards that leave organs of th ebody affected both now and in old age.

Kick banned drugs out of sports crusade has already been taken to stadia across nigeria and will be taken to schools, colleges, tertiary institutions and homes of all and sundry. parents are also admonished to assist in this crusade. We also implore th egovernement of th eday and other law enforcement agencies like NAFDAC, NDLEA, the Police, and everyone to join in this crusade against these ills. We may not achieve an entirely drug free society but we can reduce and induce in our youths the right morality and mindset. Our foundation is set to wage war against banned drugs in sports and ultimately kick drugs out of the life of youths.

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