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Sports and the most pervasive form of entertainment, the TV, have the widest reach. Since its advent, sports has played a pivotal role for youths empowerment through the media, reaching out to the living rooms of millions of people worldwide. This simply means that using long term commercial partners, our sponsors’ products and brands enjoy the benefits of affiliation with the most ubiquitous symbol of positive human values.

The foundation seeks broadcast partners who will enjoy similar benefits including:-
+ Category exclusivity of being our media supporters
+ unique value-enhancement opportunities for all product and brand types
+ Premium exposure of our activities as one market binge of reaching the target market audience.

we are seeking for media partners that together we will paddle this canoe to rejuvenate, rehabilitate, revolutionize and re-orientate the thought-pattern focus and talent of our youths making them world class for the collective benefits of the society.

More benefits of broadcast partners include
+ Pre-foundation launching of one month exposure in several media outfits.
+ Insertion in our FREE project brochure to captains of industries, business community moguls, Federal executive Councils, State governors, Government agencies/Regulatory bodies, Entertainment and sporting industry, the general public, etc.
+ Constant free exposure on billboards, Radio and TV, souvenirs, memorabilia.
+ great share of market acquisition where your competitors are absent.
+ References in our seminars, workshops, expos, annual get-together,exhibitions, etc.
+ Exposure in our publications, documentaries, success empowerment albums/pictorial tabloids.

+ Corporate edge.
+ Greater share of market acquisition.
+ brand building across all social, political, economic and cultural affiliations/barriers.
+ Fabulous returns-on-investments via a deluge of patronage of your products given your human values/social responsibility.
+ Break new grounds in reach out, promotion and brand leveraging.
+ Carve a unique niche for your products and services vis-a-vis the new ambassadors who in turn become your ardent customers.
+ Apprehend the parents of these youths to become your new customers.
+ Title imaging/branding of Chioma Ajunwa Foundation.
+ Branding of the brochure.

+ Seminars, shops, expos, get-together, exhibitions venue branding.
+ Kick drugs out of sports handbills (distributed across Nigeria stadium and beyond)… FREE.
+ Branding our souvenirs and memorabilia as hand gloves, coins, envelopes, neck ties, notebooks, etc.
+ Online branding and sponsorship with global exposure to international community of sports, others)
+ TV promos and radio jingles, newspaper and magazines, etc.
+ Phone-in live sessions during our TV interactive programs.
+ Logo flashes, scrolled messages, studio branding, product endorsement, etc.

Launching soon….

THe launching of Chioma Ajunwa Foundation (CAJFON) is one leap to unleash our tremendous sports new treasures to ensuring that the youths and others of our target audience are carried along.
Slated to feature who is who in the sporting community. Captains of industries, business moguls, government and its agencies, National association of Nigerian Students (NANS), National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF), IAAF Officials, World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), Footballers, coaches, administrators, Nigerian Olympic committee, members of the fourth estate of the realm (PRESS), Association of parents Teachers association, The Nigerian Police force, Other Security agencies/regulatory bodies and Athletic Federation of Nigeria, etc, comes up on..

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