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About Us

About Chioma Ajunwa Foundation

Chioma Ajunwa Foundation is a Panacea for youths and talent development and human capacity utilization.

After years of peep into the society as an athlete and footballer right from my active days and now, I have consistently thought of the ways and means of empowering our youths to greater heights using their God given potentials.
My mounting desire to achieving this was optimized by a research finding by one famous and world acclaimed business and sports consultant:
O Nigeria loses close to 6 billion naira annually from untapped sporting potentials.
O Nigeria’s cemeteries are one of the riches kingdoms in the world where people with lots of ideas and sporting potentials are buried without actualizing their dreams.
O Our youths who are carried away by hard drugs, prostitution and other social cankerworms are so enormous that the leaders of tommorrow in our country may be extinct like the dinosaurs in time to come.
hence, the Chioma Ajunwa foundation(CAJFON), a registered trustee in Nigeria, put together the campaign, SPORTS NEW GOLDEN TREASURES, which will not only explode new sports talents but would also;
1. kick drugs out of Sports
2. Empower and mentor youths

History Of Foundation

In December 2017, Ajunwa launched the Chioma Ajunwa-Okpara Foundation to discover new Nigerian stars in sports. The Foundation, in collaboration with the Abia State government, sponsored an Under-16 Athletics Championship for Secondary Schools in March 2018.


Our Foundation is striving to achieve these objectives seeks to carry along the media, the local and international partners, matrons, patrons, brands, products and corporate bodies, as well as individuals to make it an absolute success.
This consists of ;
O Carrying out the crusade against BANNED DRUGS IN SPORTS to schools, colleges, institutions and the local populace.
O Empowering and mentoring the youths to actualize their potentialities in both sports and their lives.
There is something in the sports New Golden Treasures for every budget, product, brand and the society at large.
Re-engineering a new model in business relationship with the nIgerian media
The Nigerian media, touted the most vibrant in Africa has grown tremendously and has pioneered brands, products and even corporate entities from very humble beginnings into multi-national and multi-million naira enterprises.
With a network of over 120 stations on electronic and print, reaching out to over 80 million people, the Nigerian media is a fantastic brand builder



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a network platform for sports talents and creative Nigerian youths to actualize their dreams and reach full potentials through sports education, advocacy and youth empowerment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a forward-looking Foundation with the interest of the youths and women at heart, and to have a society where everyone, whatever their personal circumstance, is given the opportunity to transform their lives through sports and empowerment..


To build a new generation of achievers in sports, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Our actions and operations are express in our core values guided by principles which give impetus to its existence and drive all our actions. These values articulate the ideals

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